East Texans for Liberty
Grassroots America: We The People
Grayson County Conservatives
National Rifle Association AQ Rating
Patriot Society Boyd
Texas Eagle Forum
Texas Freedom Coalition
Texas Homeschool Coalition
Charles ApplewhiteWise County Constable, Precinct 3
Dylan BarnesDecatur School Board, Place 5
Larry BartoliParker County Precinct Chair
Noah BetzStatewide Campus Director, True Texas Project
Spencer BrolsmaDenton County Precinct 1018 Chair
Jeff CasonTexas House of Representatives, District 92
Cindi CastillaConservative Activist
Tera CollumDistrict Director, Texas House District 92
Shelby CranfillCooke County Conservatives PAC Board
LTC Bruce CunninghamU.S. Army, 35 Years Combined of Federal and Texas Service
Helen CunninghamWise County Conservatives PAC Board
Chandler CrouchOwner, Chandler Crouch Realtors
Shellie FergusonWise County Precinct 8 Chair
Jon FrancisFormer Candidate for Texas House District 60
Jill GloverTexas State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 12
Monica HamiltonWise County Precinct 23 Chair
Biff HayesWise County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Rodney HolmesMayor of Boyd
Rex HoskinsWise County Constable, Precinct 1
Kevin HuffmanWise County Constable, Precinct 4
Traci JenkinsTarrant County Conservative Activist
Danny LambertWise County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Brent LawsonFormer Candidate for Texas House District 62
Nate LynnWise County Precinct 1 Chair
Julie McCartyCEO, True Texas Project
Morgon McCombDenton County Precinct 115 Chair
Rebecca MealsCo-Founder, Grayson County Conservatives
Cary MellemaDeputy Constable, Precinct 3; Wise County Conservatives PAC Board
Debra Medina2010 Candidate for Governor of Texas
Wade MillerExecutive Director of Citizens for Renewing America
Diana MosleyWise County Conservatives PAC Board
Jennifer MoultonDenton County Precinct 4005 Chair
Rocky PackWise County Precinct 16 Chair
Amy PeguesWise County Influencer
Rick Perry2022 Candidate for Governor of Texas
Brenda PlattWise County Precinct 19 Chair
Chad Prather2022 Candidate for Governor of Texas
Fran RhodesPresident, True Texas Project
Vinny RinconWise County Precinct 13 Chair
Brian RobertsCo-Founder, Grayson County Conservatives
Joy RobertsCo-Founder, Grayson County Conservatives
Georgia ScottBluff Dale Conservatives
Valarie SmithWise County Precinct 24 Chair
Mickey TannerWise County Conservatives
Jerry TaylorNewark Fire Chief
Calvin TillmanFormer Mayor of Dish, Texas; Cooke County Conservatives PAC Board
James VarnadoreWise County Precinct 7 Chair; Wise County Conservatives PAC Board
Cathy WellsOwner, The Big White Barn and Holy Sheet Cakes; Wise County Conservatives PAC Board
Frank WellsWise County Conservatives PAC Board
LTC Allen West2022 Candidate for Governor of Texas, Former Chair of the Republican Party of Texas
Rick WheelerWise County Conservatives PAC Board
Dave WylieTexas State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 12


On October 20, I announced my candidacy to be your Republican Representative for Texas House District 64 (HD64). Wise and Denton Counties deserve a true conservative who will stand against the lobbyist funded establishment and fight for our rights and our beloved Texas against an out-of-control federal government.
Join the growing army of conservative fighters that are standing up to the RINOs in Austin to ensure that Texas takes its place as the leader of conservative ideals, rather than continually following states like Florida and South Dakota.
The first debate between Andy Hopper and Lynn Stucky took place on January 5th and was hosted by the Robson Ranch Republican Club.
Learn how the lobbyist funded establishment in Austin works with, and empowers Democrats to promote their Marxist agenda.