On October 20, I announced my candidacy to be your Republican Representative for Texas House District 64 (HD64). Wise and Denton Counties deserve a true conservative who will stand against the lobbyist funded establishment and fight for our rights and our beloved Texas against an out-of-control federal government.
Join the growing army of conservative fighters that are standing up to the RINOs in Austin to ensure that Texas takes its place as the leader of conservative ideals, rather than continually following states like Florida and South Dakota.
The first debate between Andy Hopper and Lynn Stucky took place on January 5th and was hosted by the Robson Ranch Republican Club.
The second debate between Andy Hopper and Lynn Stucky took place on January 18th and was hosted by the Denton County Republican Women’s Club.
The third debate between Andy Hopper and Lynn Stucky took place on January 20th and was hosted by the Wise County Republican Party, Wise County Conservatives, Wise Republican Women, and Patriot Society Boyd.
Learn how the lobbyist funded establishment in Austin works with, and empowers Democrats to promote their Marxist agenda.

Woke Indoctrination in the Texas State Guard?

On June 4, 2021, Texas Scorecard published a disturbing story about left-wing indoctrination training that was said to have been ordered by the Texas State Guard for all of its members to undergo.

The Texas State Guard (TSG) is a volunteer military force that serves the Texans in times of state emergencies. In May 2021, a training was administered to members of the TSG that most Texans would find shocking.

Texas Scorecard
Hopper: Left-Wing Agenda Has Infiltrated the Texas State Guard

World Tribune
Speculation is swirling around who in the chain of command ordered the Texas State Guard to attend an “extremism stand-down training.”

The Texan
Texas State Guard Conducts Training to Address Purported ‘Extremism’ Among Its Members

World Tribune
Don’t mess with Texas: Guardsman challenges Team Biden’s indoctrination of U.S. troops