Lynn Stucky:  Is he REALLY a CONSERVATIVE?


Rating from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Ranks 55th Percentile of All Texas House Republicans

“F” Rating from Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom


Rating from the American Conservative Union Foundation

Top 5 Worst Votes:


Lynn Stucky voted to IMPEACH Attorney General Ken Paxton in 2023.


Lynn Stucky voted for the largest spending increase in Texas History in 2023.


Lynn Stucky voted TWICE to make Dade Phelan Speaker of the Texas House in 2021 & 2023. *

*Phelan is one of only 3 house Republicans supported by the LGBT group Equality Texas.


Lynn Stucky voted for House rules allowing Democrats to be committee chairs.*

*Did not stand with 7 conservatives to challenge Phelans ruling on Democrat Chairs


Lynn Stucky voted for EVERY SINGLE 3-DAY WEEKEND since first elected in 2016.

That’s 31 Times!!!

There’s more…


Votes to Recklessly Spend YOUR Tax Dollars


Votes AGAINST YOUR Parental Rights in Education

The Answer:  NO

 Lynn Stucky is NOT a Conservative.

The evidence is OVERWHELMING.