About Andy

About Andy

Small Farm Owner

Andy lives on a small farm in Decatur, TX with his wife, Amanda, and their three sons. The family left suburban life in Denton in 2010 to pursue their dream of living in the country. They had a rough start while trying to figure out how to corral Limousin cattle, but eventually got the hang of the farming thing. The farm currently has a pecan orchard, fruit orchards, large gardens, laying hens, and seasonally is home to pastured meat chickens and turkeys.  The family has also bred and raised Nubian dairy goats and Barbados Blackbelly sheep. Raising sheep taught them to prefer cows. 

Member of the Texas State Guard*

Andy joined the Texas State Guard in 2014 as a way to serve Texas. He is currently a Warrant Officer assigned to the T6 group in Camp Mabry in Austin. Andy uses his background as a software engineer to develop recruiting, retention, and readiness management software currently in use by the Texas State Guard. The T6 Software/Cyber Team has won three consecutive Best of Texas awards (2017, 2018, 2019).

Andy’s oldest son, PFC Grant Hopper, also serves the Texas State Guard in T6 Radio Communications.


Andy graduated from the University of North Texas in 2000 with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a minor in History. He has taught as an adjunct professor for UNT and holds a US patent. Andy has worked in both the private sector and the defense industry as a software engineer for the last twenty-three years.  Currently, Andy owns a software consulting firm and enjoys working remotely.   


The Hopper family attends Rise Church in Decatur, Texas. As non-denominational Christians, they believe that the bible is inerrant and God-breathed. The family’s homeschool curriculum is founded on God and His creation.

Fun Facts:

A Family of Ham Radio Operators

  • Andy K5BU
  • Amanda KD5BKD
  • Grant N5HUF
  • Sam KG5UQG

The youngest son, Ian, will be joining the club shortly since the family rule is that no child gets a cell phone until they become a HAM. It’s a good incentive.


The Hopper children were enrolled in Denton ISD until 2009 and Decatur ISD until 2012 when the family began to explore other schooling options. While they loved the public school system and Amanda worked as a substitute teacher, they eventually chose to homeschool their children. Their oldest son, Grant, graduated in 2018 and is now in the Mechanical Engineering College at Texas Tech University. Their middle son, Sam, will graduate in May of 2021 and is currently visiting Texas public universities. Their youngest son, Ian, is a freshman in high school this year. Andy and Amanda feel lucky to have survived homeschooling 3 teenage boys while keeping most of their hair.  

High School Sweethearts

Andy and Amanda met in high school chemistry class. They married when they were twenty-years-old, on the same day that Andy graduated with his BS in Computer Science. He skipped the graduation since Hillary Clinton was the key-note speaker. 

Brass only in this Family

All the Hopper men play brass instruments. Andy and Grant play the trumpet, Sam plays tuba, and Ian plays trombone. Sam also plays the violin but they don’t talk about that. Just kidding, the entire family is very proud of Sam’s work with the Wise Youth Strings.

*The political views and opinions of this candidate in no way reflect the views and opinions of the Texas Military Department.