Border Security

Border Security

The Problem

In the past 13 months, over two million illegals have invaded Texas and are being transported into the hearts of our communities with your tax dollars. At the same time, the response of Texas and our legislature has amounted to mere theater.

Currently, our Texas Guard has been given no rules of engagement to actually intercept or detain illegals with any level of force. Even though our troops are routinely fired upon from across the river, they are not permitted to return fire. Illegals that wonder into their operating position are merely handed over to Border Patrol. Morale has plummeted amongst a wave of suicides during what should be the most important mission that the Texas Guard has undertaken since its existence.

It is our duty to stand for Texas and stand for the lives and honor of our troops. We must empower the Texas Guard to actually secure our border.

The Fix

The Texas Legislature should immediately:

  1. Per Article I, Section 10 of the US Constitution, declare that Texas is in the midst of an actual invasion perpetrated, and in every way facilitated, by the United Mexican States and the Federal Government of the United States, and that all future action taken by Texas and its military forces is done under its war powers authority authorized by the US Constitution, and Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution.
  2. Over 40% of the Texas border has been condemned by the federal government, and represents a highway for illegals to enter Texas. Texas should immediately condemn all land previously condemned by the federal government.
  3. The Texas Legislature should instruct the Governor of Texas to secure operational control of the entire border with Mexico, using any force necessary, up-to-and-including placing troops on the other side of the Rio Grande River, preventing illegals from entering Texas in the first place.
  4. Authorize an increase of the size of the Texas guard from 25 thousand to at least 50 thousand, with the majority of the increase being the expansion of the Texas State Guard.
  5. Make human trafficking a capital offense.

While the budget of Texas is nearly $250 billion, the cost borne by Texans for the ongoing border invasion has been estimated to be over $50 billion per year. Securing or border will not only preserve our home, but stop the financial hemorrhaging.