Education/Parental Rights

  • Critical Race Theory/Social-Emotional Learning should be eradicated from our schools and institutions.
  • Money should follow the child, rather than fund systems.
  • Support an amendment to the Texas Bill of Rights to forever protect families from government intrusion on their educational choices.
  • Establish a “sunset commission” for university regents.


More Details
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic discipline which indoctrinates students with themes of identity-based Marxism. CRT has found its way into our schools, the military, and corporate America. Texas students at many, if not most public schools, are currently being brainwashed with the idea that society is an epic struggle between the oppressed, and oppressors. This must stop. Texas school children must enter society with a clear understanding that no-one else is responsible for ensuring their success in life, or responsible for their failures. Government should never be used to force “equity” by re-distributing success or forcing desired outcomes. We must eradicate CRT from our schools and institutions.
  • The aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdown made it clear to everyday Texans that there are alternatives to the one-size-fits-all public schools that they remember from their childhoods. While many young Texans have thrived in private schools, home schools, and charter schools for years, Texans are now fully aware that these are real and viable alternatives.
  • The biggest social change for Texas and America in the 20th century was the movement of folks from rural areas into cities to live and work. I fully expect that the big change in the 21st century will be technology allowing workers and students to work and learn from anywhere. This is a good thing and will be an even greater thing for rural Texas as people will be coming back.
  • There are many viable ways for Texans to educate their children. However, our property taxes only support one educational possibility, and this needs to change. Texans should be able to use the money that they’ve earned toward whatever option (private, home-school, public, charter, etc…) that they prefer for their children. The money should follow the child, rather than fund systems.
  • Parents are currently in a position of having to oppose legislation which would allow parents who choose to homeschool or privately educate their children to avoid also paying for a public education, on the basis that such a change would provide a slippery slope into government meddling into their financial and educational decisions. Government should never have the power to scrutinize how parents choose to fund or carry out the education of their children. I support legislation amending the Texas Bill of Rights to ensure that the parents’ rights to raise and educate their children, with whatever funds at their disposal by whatever means, is forever protected, and that there is a presumption that parents act in the best interest of their children.
  • Establish a “sunset commission” for all university regents. Every regent must be “renewed” every ten years, and a report should be published for public review and consideration.