Secure Our Elections

  • Abandon opaque and hackable machines.
  • Periodic, universal purging of voter rolls.
  • Protect Texas elections from unconstitutional Federal meddling and interference.
  • Ensure that only citizens can vote or register to vote.
  • Limit and/or eliminate early voting.
  • Require counties to be transparent to voters and candidates.
  • Support 88R/HB5234, requiring printed, physical poll lists and signatures, investigation of irregularities, ballot chain-of-custody, etc.



More Details
  •  As a Software Engineer, I can firmly attest to the truth that there is no such thing as truly secure software, particularly if the software is proprietary and not available for public inspection. In addition, the function of tens or hundreds of thousands of lines of compiled computer code is completely opaque to election observers and there is no way that poll workers can be certain of what happens in a “black box.”
  • We should return to vote tabulation techniques that rely on manual or purely electronic devices with discrete components that can be inspected and tested and which do not rely on computer software to function.
  • I support periodic, universal purging of voter rolls every redistricting cycle.
  • Protect Texas elections from unconstitutional Federal meddling and interference by enacting a trigger bill (such as HB4507 submitted in the 87th Legislature) that will split Federal and State elections upon the passage of Federal law or Federal court ruling that diminishes the security of the Texas election process.
  • Ensure that only citizens can vote or register to vote by disallowing forms of Voter ID that can be obtained by non-citizens.
  • Return to single-day voting that can be witnessed and verified by the broadest number of citizens.
  • Require counties to abide by statute that requires that artifacts be provided in a timely manner at the request of candidates and citizens, providing a real penalty for violation.
  • Support HB5234 from the 88th Legislative session, which includes: voting locations to be secured when not in use, sufficient ballots to all polling locations, all ballots to have been printed in Texas, chain-of-custody for ballots from vendors, video  recording of all aspects of elections, requires County Sheriffs to investigate all irregularities reported by election judges, printed physical poll lists and signatures, cancellation of mail-in ballots before allowing voters to vote again.