Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Andy, do you think it was necessary to shut down businesses and churches for Covid-19?

No, I don’t think it was necessary, nor do I believe that the power exists in Texas law to effect the closure that has taken place. I believe that this flies in the face of Article 1, Section 17 of the Texas Constitution and such closure is a form of property condemnation for public use and I would think that property owners (including churches) have a good case to put Texas on the hook for damages.

Andy, do you support law enforcement and/or do you support defunding the police?

It is important to remember that law enforcement officers are civilians that bravely step forward and take the responsibility to deal with the ugliness of society head on, day after day, so that we rarely need to.  We need law enforcement: because some people are bad people, and because most of us don’t have the proper training. We must have suitably trained and staffed law enforcement in our cities and in our counties. It is our responsibility to stand behind law enforcement.  The current effort to de-fund the police is an assault to our way of life and to the rule of law, which is the hallmark of Western Civilization. As a soldier currently in the Texas State Guard, I support law enforcement and first responders.

Andy, what are your beliefs about the types of weapons we should be allowed to carry (high-capacity magazines, semi-automatic, etc)?

I believe that the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and Article 1, Section 23 of the Texas Constitution, affirms the natural right of Texans to possess and carry any weapons that the military could possess as the primary reason that we own weapons is to serve as the last line of defense of our freedoms against an oppressive government which abridges our rights under God.