Land Use/Agriculture

  • Farmers are the backbone of our rural communities.
  • The best way to become a big farmer, is to start off as a small farmer.
  • Support our farmers by reducing or eliminating unnecessary regulation.
  • Reduce the waiting period for lowering property taxes for agricultural use
  • Ban ownership of land and resources by enemies of our country (CCP, Iran, North Korea, etc.).


More Details
  • We are at a critical juncture where the costs of acquiring land and the costs to comply with federal and state regulation has become so great that young people are not seriously considering farming as a viable profession. We must have a new generation of farmers to feed our communities, as well as supporting existing farmers to stay in business. Our farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our rural communities, and we need to support these small businesses.
  • The Texas Legislature should reduce the five-year waiting period for lowering property taxes for agricultural use to one year. This encourages the continued use of land for agricultural purposes, as well as supporting the next generation of farmers who are starting out.
  • Texas farmers and ranchers are burdened with senseless regulations that drastically increase costs. The Texas Legislature should seek to reduce or eliminate unnecessary regulation, particularly for small farms and those selling directly to local buyers.
  • Supporting Texas farmers and ranchers also means supporting the businesses they rely on. The Texas Legislature should take steps to reduce the burdens on small-scale slaughterhouses, commercial kitchens, and other infrastructure needed to build a resilient, secure agricultural and food system.
  • Small farmers should be able to sell produce without having government officials inspecting their farms.
  • Texas should ban the sale of Texas land and resources to enemies of our country. Further, the Texas Legislature should establish a process to condemn and auction land and resources currently in the hands of the CCP, Iran, North Korea, etc.