The Texas House Makes a Mockery of Representative Governance
December 1, 2023
The Texas House is preparing to pull the rip-cord on the latest (4th) special session this year, after being gaveled-in for basically one day.
Celebrate Thanksgiving By “Redpilling” your Family
November 22, 2023
This Thanksgiving, talk to your family about things that matter. Not just about football and the weather, but about Truth. Talk about religion. Talk about politics. God has taught you about right and wrong – teach your family and friends about these things. Loving your neighbor also means loving them enough to move past trivialities.
Are We Surrendering Our Gun Rights In Texas?
November 15, 2023
Your right to bear arms is a natural and inalienable right that is affirmed in the Second Amendment of the US Bill of Rights and Article 1, Section 23 of the Texas Bill of Rights. Our right to possess and carry firearms does not exist merely so that you can hunt for food or protect […]
Wise County Censures Lynn Stucky
November 10, 2023
The Wise County Republican Party Executive Committee voted 94% to invoke “Rule 44” and formally censure our State Representative Lynn Stucky for failing to uphold the principles and legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.
Andy Hopper on “Leadership at the Front Line” Part #2
November 6, 2023
Andy Hopper joins Jimmy Capra to discuss the importance of service tot he great State of Texas and to the nation at large.
Paxton Gets Booted, Quorum Vanishes, and Texas House Takes Vacation
November 2, 2023
Gov. Abbott called a third special session to begin on October 9th to address the border, school choice, and vaccine mandates. While the Senate has been hard at work, the Texas House has only been gaveled in for a matter of hours. On both Monday and Tuesday of this week, a quorum was been denied because dozens of House Reps, including our very own Lynn Stucky, were nowhere to be found.
Andy Hopper on “Leadership at the Front Line” Part #1
November 1, 2023
Andy Hopper joins Jimmy Capra to discuss the importance of service tot he great State of Texas and to the nation at large.
Andy Hopper on “America, Can We Talk?”
October 31, 2023
Andy Hopper joins Debbie Georgatos to discuss the battle to wrest control of the Texas House from the RINO establishment.
What Is a RINO?
October 27, 2023
As a lifelong Republican, I will tenaciously fight for our legislative priorities put forth by Texas Republicans. In addition, I will fight to enact the planks of the RPT Platform, which I wholeheartedly support and, as the Republican Caucus Chair for Senate District 12 at the 2022 State Convention, personally voted for.
Ensuring a Fair Fight in Texas Elections
October 20, 2023
It appears clear that there is no appetite by establishment Republicans to rock the boat. HD64 needs bold conservative representation in the Texas House that will fight for secure and transparent elections. As your representative, I will fight to ensure that you can trust the process here in Texas.
November 7th Election – How Andy will Vote on Constitutional Amendments
October 15, 2023
Here is a rundown of how I plan to vote on Election Day, along with my rationale. Hopefully this will be instructive for you about how I view the role of government in our lives.
October 11, 2023
While nearly every Texan is worse off than 2 years ago, our border is flooded, and our cities are riddled with fentanyl fueled crime and homelessness, Lynn Stucky will tell you white supremacy is his #1 political issue. I hope the voters of HD 64 will fight with me to unseat Dr. Stucky who stands with the Austin uniparty over his own constituents. 
The Texan: Paxton Endorses Primary Opponents of Incumbent Republicans Who Backed Impeachment
October 6, 2023
Paxton endorsed Andy Hopper in his race against Lynn Stucky.
The Battle We Must Win for Texas
September 29, 2023
Securing the border is the issue that will decide whether Texas continues to exist as we know her. Texans were depending on their legislators to secure our open border, and our representatives failed.
The Texas Horn: An Interview with Andy Hopper
September 22, 2023
Garrit and Andy discuss a range of issues, including constitutional carry and the conservative movement in Texas.
The Verdict Is In: Ken Paxton Is Acquitted; Bush Dynasty Dismantled
September 16, 2023
I am thrilled to share some remarkable news - Ken Paxton, our Attorney General, has been found innocent and acquitted of all charges by the Texas Senate.
AG Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Trial is Underway
September 6, 2023
Yesterday, the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton began in the Texas Senate. This is the first impeachment of a statewide elected official in over 100 years. Even though all but one of the impeachment articles relate to events that occurred prior to the last election, only eight Texas Senators rejected the assertion that […]
Patriots WILL NOT COMPLY With New COVID Mandates!
August 25, 2023
Our laws should protect our liberties. Employees should never be fired for refusing vaccines by companies that bear no legal responsibility for complications. We must never again be forced to mask our kids. I’m running for Representative of Texas House District 64 and will fight to ensure that Texans are never extorted by their employers to have a medical procedure that they don’t want or need.
Will You Be Impacted by ESG Scoring?
August 4, 2023
There are rumors circulating Wise County regarding Wells Fargo shutting down a man’s bank account without explanation… Turns out, the rumors are true. Recently Wise County resident Bill Vaughan was shocked to receive a letter from Wells Fargo that his account had been cancelled for “business reasons.” Vaughan, who has been a customer with Wells […]
Combating Human Trafficking and Securing the Border in Texas
July 29, 2023
In the quest to secure the border of Texas, no tactic, no rules of engagement, no criminal penalty, should be taken off of the table. We are in a fight for the very survival of our home and our way of life.
The Austin Uni-Party Pockets $20B of Historic Surplus
July 10, 2023
Our Texas Legislature started session with a $33 BILLION surplus: the biggest surplus in the history of our state. Instead of giving ALL of that back in the form of tax relief, they decided to enact the biggest spending increase in Texas HISTORY—a 42% increase in spending since the last biennium.
Independence Is the Quintessential American Virtue
July 3, 2023
The virtues of liberty, local self government and self-reliance (independence), and private property ownership are quintessentially American virtues rooted in Scripture, and should at all times be the singular focus of all of the political energies of all  freedom-loving Americans. 
Session Ends With No Property Tax Relief, Record Spending, and Impeachment of Ken Paxton
May 31, 2023
With a nearly open border, crushing property taxes amid a historic $33 BILLION surplus, and overwhelming support amongst Texas Republicans for real legislation ensuring educational freedom, Texans were depending upon their Legislature to stand up. And yet, the 88th Legislature gaveled out yesterday accomplishing NOTHING on any of these fronts, spending the final hours impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton.
Scores of Bills Die as Texas House Takes Last Weekend of Session Off
May 23, 2023
On Friday night a shocking video emerged of our “Republican” House Speaker Dade Phelan incapable of rendering intelligible English. Today, in response to Phelan’s behavior, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called for Dade Phelan to step down as Speaker of the Texas House and has opened up an investigation into the matter.
Texas Must Take the Lead
April 25, 2023
Texas should take its rightful place as the leader of the charge to put the federal government back in its small box.
A Missed Opportunity
January 10, 2023
Imagine if instead Americans had seen a U.S. President furious about being kept away from the border due to Texas forces actively maintaining operational control over the entire boundary with Mexico.
Texas First!
November 14, 2022
The fight to #SaveTexas begins today.
Winning the Future of Texas
August 15, 2022
“Winning” will be making the presidency and Washington, D.C., largely irrelevant to our lives.
There Is No School Choice Without Education Freedom
May 25, 2022
At this crucial time, it is imperative that we demand real school choice that puts parents in control rather than government bureaucracies.
Families Serving Together to Help Texas
April 25, 2022
The military is no stranger to having many generations of family members serving, from great-grandparents to current service members. The Texas State Guard is also part of this time-honored tradition. However, due to the nature of the State Guard, it is more common to see families serving together at the same time than with other military organizations.
Left-Wing Agenda Has Infiltrated the Texas State Guard
June 4, 2021
Ultimately, what I witnessed on May 22 was a case of leadership boldly weaponizing the chain of command to indoctrinate a left-wing political agenda of cultural Marxism, critical race theory, and moral relativism upon military forces of the State of Texas.