Sara Gonzales with the Joins Shelley Luther and Mike Olcott at Robson Ranch
March 20, 2024
On March 20th, 2024, Sara Gonzales, a host, joined Republican Nominees for Texas House, Mike Olcott and Shelley Luther, at Robson Ranch Conservatives in HD-64. Hopper was in attendance, and was called up to the stage to join the speakers for a Q&A.
Shelley Luther and Nate Schatzline Endorse Andy Hopper
March 16, 2024
Representative Nate Schatzline (HD93) and HD62 Republican Nominee Shelley Luther fully endorse Andy Hopper for HD64.
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden Endorses Andy Hopper
February 2, 2024
Mary Talley Bowden, a known advocate for those injured by the poorly tested and underdeveloped COVID-19 vaccine is endorsing Andy Hopper for his Texas House Bid in 2024. Bowden lost her job at Harris Methodist during the Covid Tyranny.
LTC Allen West Fully Supports Andy Hopper
December 10, 2023
LTC Allen West speaks to an audience in Denton County about why he supports Andy Hopper for Texas House District 64.
Andy Hopper on “Leadership at the Front Line” Part #2
November 6, 2023
Andy Hopper joins Jimmy Capra to discuss the importance of service tot he great State of Texas and to the nation at large.
Andy Hopper on “America, Can We Talk?”
October 31, 2023
Andy Hopper joins Debbie Georgatos to discuss the battle to wrest control of the Texas House from the RINO establishment.
The Texas Horn: An Interview with Andy Hopper
September 22, 2023
Garrit and Andy discuss a range of issues, including constitutional carry and the conservative movement in Texas.