November 15, 2023

Are We Surrendering Our Gun Rights In Texas?

Your right to bear arms is a natural and inalienable right that is affirmed in the Second Amendment of the US Bill of Rights and Article 1, Section 23 of the Texas Bill of Rights. Our right to possess and carry firearms does not exist merely so that you can hunt for food or protect your family from intruders. No, this right affirms the truth that the citizenry is the final bulwark of the liberties of the people, and the final check against despotism.

After knocking thousands of doors over the past 3 years, I can tell you that I’ve only met two Republican voters who were vocal advocates for gun control. And yet, our “Republican” controlled Texas Legislature has been consistently and quietly ceding ground to the left.

You were likely not aware that this past session our Texas Legislature voted to codify portions of Biden’s Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) gun control into Texas law.

SB728, which became effective on September 1st, dumps tens of thousands of juvenile mental health records into the NICS Gun Ban Registry, even if they are non-violent and have not committed a crime.

Worse — SB 728 works retroactively, and it doesn’t matter if the person has overcome their mental health issues of the past.

Shockingly, more than 94% of current NICS denials for firearms purchases are “false positives,” meaning more than 94% of the people denied a firearm purchase are wrongly denied. Funneling more names into this already flawed system is a recipe for disaster.

Although 28 Republicans in the Texas House voted against this egregious bill, our representative Lynn Stucky voted twice to pass this bill in the House. After final passage, he asked to include a note in the journal that he actually intended to vote against the bill (sadly, changing your vote doesn’t change the original result).

Also this session, our Texas House passed the “Glock Switch bill,” which would have outlawed even owning gun tooling that could be used to convert a semi-automatic handgun into an automatic weapon. Thankfully HB3266, which was opposed by both Gun Owners of America as well as Texas Gun Rights, was killed in the Senate. Unfortunately, our Representative Lynn Stucky, voted for this bill as well.

Last session, while debating HB2622 which was intended to curb egregious Federal gun laws in Texas, an amendment was offered that would have made it a crime for any government employee to attempt to enforce unconstitutional Federal gun laws or regulations. Although forty-four Republicans bravely voted for this crucial amendment, it was sadly killed by a coalition of RINOs and Democrats which included our Representative Lynn Stucky.

Not only were our House Republicans unwilling to protect Texans from federal gun control overreach, they actually introduced HB3452 which gave Federal agents the authority to enforce state law, a blatant repudiation of federalism. Sadly again, our Representative Lynn Stucky voted to surrender our state sovereignty to the feds.

The survival of liberty and our way of life here in Texas is in question. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve not only seen a re-emergence of the unimaginable overreach we saw during the Obama years, but a quickening of the mad rush toward the Marxist/globalist agenda that is completely eroding whatever semblance of sovereignty enjoyed by the states in this Union.

Over and over, we’ve seen Washington take draconian action that has assaulted the very existence of Texas as a “free and independent state.” Border invasions, legalized election fraud, and re-instituted COVID mandates are all ongoing egregious tyrannies that should have been strongly opposed by our Texas Legislature, and yet have thus far stood completely unchecked by Austin.

I will fight for you.