February 15, 2024

How I Will Vote on the 2024 Republican Primary Ballot Propositions

Proposition #1: Texas should eliminate all property taxes without increasing Texans’ overall tax burden.


For years, I have been advocating for property tax elimination on the basis that property taxes are immoral, a highly inefficient form of revenue, and force citizens into commerce. Last session, our Legislature started session with a $33 BILLION surplus, and chose to increase spending by 40% ($67 BILLION), giving $18B of your tax money to corporations by passing the largest corporate welfare bill in history. The comptroller has already estimated that Texas will have another record surplus for the 2024-25 biennium. This spending spree must stop, and Texans must be liberated from the yoke of renting their property from the government.

Gov. Abbott ran on property tax elimination in 2014, and it’s high time we get this done. Recently, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) released its legislative priorities for the next biennium, and is also advocating property tax elimination.

Here is some more information on my tax platform, which includes links to TPPF’s plan to eliminate property taxes in ten years by broadening the sales tax base, capping spending growth, and compressing local rates with state revenue.

Proposition #2: Texas should create a Border Protection Unit, and deploy additional state law enforcement and military forces, to seal the border, to use physical force to prevent illegal entry and trafficking, and to deport illegal aliens to Mexico or to their nations of origin.


Last session, our Legislature had the opportunity to pass historic border security legislation (HB20, by Matt Schaefer) which would have created a permanent operative force on the border, allowing Texas to staff the mission to secure its own border without the feds. This bill passed the Senate but was killed on the floor of the Texas House because of the collaboration of Democrats, Dade Phelan, and Hugh Brady, Phelan’s appointed parliamentarian (who is Obama’s lawyer and Democrat donor).

In my view, securing the border and ending the largest sex and drug trade in human history is the issue that will decide whether Texas continues to exist as we know her. Texans were depending on their legislators to secure our open border, and our representatives failed last session.

Proposition #3: The Texas Legislature should require the use of E-Verify by all employers in Texas to protect jobs for legal workers by preventing the hiring of illegal aliens.


Without question, the very least we can do to end the invasion of Texas is to halt all financial incentives for illegals. That includes requiring all employers to verify that every employee has the legal right to work in the US. Last session, Rep. Steve Toth filed HB3846, which would have simply required employers to verify the residency status of employees via the E-Verify system. Unfortunately, this bill died in House Committees without even a hearing. While our current representative did not support HB3846, if elected as the representative for HD64, I will commit to author, co-sign, and fight for E-Verify.

Proposition #4: The Texas Legislature should end all subsidies and public services, including in-state college tuition and enrollment in public schools, for illegal aliens.


All financial incentives for illegals must end. Last session, Terri Leo-Wilson authored HB3820 which would have ended in-state tuition for illegals. Sadly, this bill died in committee without a hearing. Our current representative did not support this bill, but I would have.

Proposition #5: Texas urges the United States Congress not to grant any form of amnesty or a pathway to legalization for illegal aliens.


According to very conservative government numbers, well more than eight million illegals crossed the southern border between January 2021 and last summer. As of today, between 10 and 15 million illegals have entered the US, putting a crushing burden on existing taxpayers. As well, it is clear that “the plan” of the left is to grant these many millions the right to vote, which we cannot allow to happen.

Proposition #6: The Texas Legislature should prohibit the deployment of the Texas National Guard to a foreign conflict unless Congress first formally declares war.


Throughout American history, it has been essential that states maintain a well-armed and equipped militia that is ready to defend the state in the case of invasion or disaster. According to state law, our organized Texas militia is comprised of our Army National Guard, Air National Guard, and State Guard.

Our Constitutional framers granted Congress the power to declare war (ArtI.S8.C11.1). And yet, for more than half a century the federal government has engaged in numerous costly conflicts without a formal declaration by our elected representatives. If the federal government has the power to usurp our state militia without the consent of our elected representatives, then we exist in open violation of the agreement (the Constitution) that Texas made with the federal government when we joined the Union.

Most recently, you may have read that it is possible (and even likely) that the federal government will seek to federalize our Texas National Guard to keep Governor Abbott from securing our Texas border. Texas must re-establish the original terms that were understood when our Constitution was ratified: that only Congress can declare war, and that the states have an inalienable right to defend themselves against invasion (ArtI.S10.C3.1.1).

Our framers made it clear that the ultimate arbiters of the Constitution are the states and the people themselves. Roger Sherman wrote that “All acts of the Congress not warranted by the constitution would be void. Nor could they be enforced contrary to the sense of a majority of the states.” Furthermore, Federalist #26 makes it clear that it is the duty of the state legislatures to reign in government overreach:

…the state Legislatures, who will always be not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens, against incroachments from the Federal government, will constantly have their attention awake to the conduct of the national rulers and will be ready enough, if any thing improper appears, to sound the alarm to the people and not only to be the VOICE but if necessary the ARM of their discontent.

Federalist #26

Proposition #7: The Texas Legislature should establish authority within the Texas State Comptroller’s office to administer access to gold and silver through the Texas Bullion Depository for use as legal tender.


Joe Biden has made it clear that he intends to put the country on a path towards a Central Back Digital Currency (CDBC). This would end your right to privacy, and put the federal government in a position to institute a social credit system like China. Many states have begun to take measures to protect the liberty of their citizens against such an insidious scheme by creating gold-backed currencies of their own. The right of the states to have gold-backed currencies is protected by the US Constitution (ArtI.S10.C1.3).

Last session, Mark Dorazio authored HB4903 which would have created a gold-backed currency here in Texas. This bill was supported by many, including our Senator Tan Parker. Unfortunately, while this passed out of committee, it died in Calendars. I would support this or any similar bill in the 89th Legislative Session.

Proposition #8: The State of Texas should ensure that Texans are free to give or to withhold consent for any vaccine without coercion.


Last session our legislature, at long last, passed legislation that theoretically protects citizens from COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but it is specific to this virus and does not generally protect citizens from being extorted by their employer or any governmental entity to undergo medical procedures in order to function in society.

The central function of government is to protect the liberties of the people. That does NOT include creating artificial job markets wherein employers are completely indemnified from liability for requiring medical procedures of their employees. Currently, if an employee takes a shot that results in complications, they have no real legal recourse–and that’s unconscionable. We must end indemnification that protects every entity except the individual who undergoes an unwanted medical procedure.

I also believe that we must amend the Texas Constitution to recognize the unalienable natural right of the people to refuse vaccination. Because this right is unalienable, it cannot be bargained away, and therefore vaccination shall not be made a condition of employment, travel, attending educational institutions, doing business, receiving governmental services, or any other action.

Proposition #9: The Republican Party of Texas should restrict voting in the Republican primary to only registered Republicans.


Democrats “switch-hit” by voting in the Republican primaries for the most moderate candidate. Mainstream media sources even recommend this practice. And yet, Texans could end this practice by closing the primaries to ensure that voters can’t switch back and forth between Democrat one year, and Republican the next as it suits them. In order to switch parties, you would be forced to sit out one or more years.

And yet, this idea is not popular with the elected “Republican” establishment. When lawmakers learned that the Texas GOP was considering closing primaries using its own party rules, lawmakers tried to pass a bill that would force the Republican Party to allow non-Republicans to run in Republican Primaries. While HB1635 was rightfully killed in the Senate, it was nevertheless passed in the Texas House under Dade Phelan’s “leadership.” Our current representative voted for this egregious bill. I would not have.

Proposition #10: The Texas Constitution should be amended to restore authority to the Texas Attorney General to prosecute election crimes.


Over the past several years, George Soros has quietly funded the election of liberal District Attorneys across the state. These DAs cannot be relied upon to prosecute election fraud in their own jurisdictions. But since the 1950s, the Attorney General of the State of Texas has had the authority to prosecute election fraud cases across the state. That ended in 2021 when the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals struck down the right of AG Paxton to continue to prosecute the very clear election fraud that was occurring in Harris County and other metropolitan areas.

As it stands now, no entity is prosecuting these important cases. We must restore the right of the Texas AG to ensure that our elections are secure.

Proposition #11: Texas parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public or private for their children, and the funding should follow the student.


This is similar to the ballot proposition that was presented to our district on the 2022 Primary Ballot. 88% of Wise County Republicans and 87% of Denton County Republicans supported similar language.

I am in favor of school funding strategies that allow funding to follow the child. While there are many strategies and mechanisms that have been suggested, I would personally like to see us give parents with school-age kids the ability to opt for a property and/or sales tax deduction. There would be no need for a bureaucracy for parents to get money back from the government: they wouldn’t pay it in the first place. Last session, our previous State Rep (now Senator) Phil King filed SJR72 which would protect parents from government strings, and I would work to get protections like this over this finish-line.

Proposition #12: The Texas Constitution should be amended to require proof of citizenship before any individual can be registered to vote.


Only citizens should be able to vote. Any process that allows illegitimate votes to be counted disenfranchises legitimate voters.

Proposition #13: Texas should ban the sale of Texas land to citizens, governments, and entities from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.


Should we allow the enemies of America to acquire land in Texas? Absolutely not.

Last session, our Texas Senate passed SB147 which banned land sales to nations known to be enemies of the United States. This bill died in the House State Affairs committee. Many other states have passed similar legislation, and it’s high-time that Texas acts to protect one of our most valuable commodities.