February 26, 2024

I Will Fight for Excellence In Education

As your representative, I will always be a strong voice for teachers in Austin.

With early voting underway and Election Day next Tuesday, March 5, I wanted to share a message from an educator who is fed up with the education lobbyists and wants representation in Austin that will stand for real teachers — not special interests.

As a 28-year educator, I need a representative in Austin who will listen to the needs of individual teachers, not education lobbyists. I’m gladly voting for Andy for his willingness to stop the unfunded mandates that have become so burdensome to a local school district.

Andy has open dialogue with educators about concerns such as increased violent student behavior and possible solutions to protect teachers.

I am most concerned with his opponent’s sponsorship of HB 1605. This expands digital curriculum and removed our elected officials in the State Board of Education as authority of Texas Curriculum and gives the Texas Education Agency (non-elected) authority to help define the curriculum that will be taught in our schools.

Most importantly, I need a representative who will listen and explain to me his thoughts towards education legislation, not pass the buck to others to explain his viewpoint.

Teachers, join me in supporting Andy Hopper for a strong voice for teachers in Austin!
Cindy Buckner Barksdale