February 2, 2024

Our Rep. Conspires to Snatch Dead Bills from the Grave

🚨BREAKING: Representative Lynn Stucky is under scrutiny for signing onto a substantial number of dead bills to enhance his score on the Denton County State Representative Scorecard.

The website, created by the Denton County Conservative Coalition (D3C), ranks representatives based on their adherence to the legislative priorities outlined by the Republican Party of Texas.

The State Rep Scorecard launched in April last year and aims to hold representatives accountable for their support, or lack thereof, on conservative legislative priorities.

Recently, concerns have been raised about the authenticity of Stucky’s actions as evidence suggests he attempted to boost his score by signing onto bills that were already defunct.

On May 19, 2023, Representative Stucky signed onto over 30 dead bills covering various conservative topics, as listed on the Republican Party of Texas’s legislative priority bill list.

These bills covered crucial issues such as parental rights, election integrity, border security, banning gender modification for minors, stopping the sexualization of children, and abolishing abortion. By affixing his name to these bills, he attempted to create an illusion of actively fighting for conservative values.

Above you will see a number of bills that Rep. Stucky “coauthored” months after the proposals died in committee. Click here to see the full list.

It is apparent that this move was a calculated attempt to salvage his conservative image as elections loom closer. Stucky now faces accusations of prioritizing optics over genuine legislative efforts.

It appears that Stucky’s actions were triggered by the growing traction of the State Rep Scorecard website, which cross-referenced the support of said priorities by each Denton legislator.

These actions raise serious concerns about whether our current representative truly stood up for the legislative priorities he claims to support. It highlights the need for a real Republican representative who genuinely champions conservative values and prioritizes the concerns of their constituents over political maneuvering.

Voters in HD64 deserve a response from Rep. Stucky regarding his behavior. Constituents deserve accountability and transparency from their elected Representative.

Denton and Wise counties deserve a representative who will actively fight for the freedom and values cherished by Texans.