September 29, 2023

The Battle We Must Win for Texas

The survival of liberty and our way of life here in Texas is in question. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve not only seen a re-emergence of the unimaginable overreach we saw during the Obama years, but a quickening of the mad rush toward the Marxist/globalist agenda that is completely eroding whatever semblance of sovereignty enjoyed by the states in this Union.

Over and over, we’ve seen Washington take draconian action that has assaulted the very existence of Texas as a “free and independent state.” Border invasions, legalized election fraud, and re-instituted COVID mandates are all on-going egregious tyrannies which should have been strongly opposed by our Texas Legislature, and yet have thus far stood completely unchecked by Austin.

Everyday voters, as well as the Republican Party of Texas made it crystal clear that they expected our Legislature to take affirmative action to declare that the current flood of over 8 million illegals that have crossed our border in the last two years represents an invasion, per Article I Section 10 of our US Constitution (and Article 4, Section 7 of our Texas Constitution). Texans demanded that our Legislature take proactive action to secure our border, even if the Federal government continued to allow, and even facilitate this invasion.

And yet, not only did the Legislature fail to act, under our “Republican” leadership, landmark border security legislation was killed in the Texas House in the final hours of session. SCR23 would have declared cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. SB1427 would have made it a felony for the cartel members to cross the border.  Both bills were passed by the Senate but died, having sat idle for nearly a month and a half without a hearing in the House State Affairs Committee.

Rep. Steve Toth filed HB3846, which would have simply required employers to verify the residency status of employees via the E-Verify system. HB3820 would have ended in-state tuition for illegals. Both bills died in House Committees with even a hearing.

Our current Representative did not sponsor, co-author, or advocate for any of these bills.

HB20, would-be landmark legislation which would have created a Texas Border Protection Unit permanently assigned to securing our Texas Border, died in the Texas House due to a Democrat point of order, sustained by liberal Speaker Dade Phelan with the help of his appointed Parliamentarian, Hugh Brady (Brady is a former Obama lawyer and Democrat donor who consistently assisted the Democrat efforts to kill conservative legislation last session).

If our Representative was serious about protecting our border, he would have not twice voted for Dade Phelan, who squandered the final days of session inebriated on the house floor and rushing through an impeachment conservative Attorney General Ken Paxton in reprisal for his criticism on the matter.

Even still, critical border legislation would have still had a chance had our Representative hadn’t vote 9 times for every single 3-day weekend. Over his four terms in office, Rep. Stucky has voted 31 times for every single extended weekend that was put up for a vote during session.

If Stucky was serious about securing our border, he wouldn’t have voted to sideline our conservative AG in the midst of a critical legal battle with the federal government.

The Texas House did vote to continue to pour billions into Operation Lone Star (OLS), which has been a short-term stop-gap solution that relies almost entirely on M-DAY troops without useful rules of engagement that allows them to repel and force illegals to return to Mexico. Experts agree that OLS has not prevented a single illegal from crossing into the US, but merely funnels illegal into the welcoming arms of Federal agents who provide copious financial assistance and transportation.

In my view, securing the border is the issue that will decide whether Texas continues to exist as we know her. Texans were depending on their legislators to secure our open border, and our representatives failed. HD64 needs conservative representation that will fight to preserve our liberty and for Texas.

I will fight for you.