September 16, 2023

The Verdict Is In: Ken Paxton Is Acquitted; Bush Dynasty Dismantled

I am thrilled to share some remarkable news – Ken Paxton, our Attorney General, has been found innocent and acquitted of all charges by the Texas Senate.

Today, a majority of Texas Senators voted to acquit Attorney General Paxton on each and every article of impeachment levied by the Texas House (note that 21 votes out of the 31 seats would have been needed for conviction). In so doing, the Texas Senate decisively ended the witch hunt that started days after Jan 6, 2021, when Texas Democrats started calling for the impeachment of Paxton, who dared to pursue lawsuits questioning the results of the 2020 Presidential election. In fact, over the past two years, only Texas Democrats have called for the impeachment of Paxton, until May 25, 2023, when a cabal of “Republican” legislators gave Texas House members just 48 hours warning before a vote to impeach Paxton during Memorial Day weekend. Coincidentally, this was just days after Paxton called on Speaker Dade Phelan to resign after Texans learned that he was running the Texas House while intoxicated.

This momentous decision comes after a thorough and exhaustive impeachment trial, where every aspect of the case was scrutinized. The media, the left, and especially the Austin swamp viciously attacked Paxton, but no evidence was provided–only hearsay. At many points throughout the trial, key witnesses even admitted that no evidence actually existed. 

Certainly one of the most egregious articles against Paxton was the suggestion that he had “obstructed justice.” However, we Texans learned that those who suggested that Paxton was guilty of this egregious accusation were operating under the false (and I would suggest deeply un-American belief) that the mere act of investigating the Federal government, Federal agents, or Federal investigations constitutes obstruction. These witnesses operated under the false belief that “only the feds can investigate the feds.”

Our founders would be appalled and ashamed of this sentiment. However, Texans who watched this trial were given a front-row seat of how many in our Texas Government do not believe that it is the job of our state to provide protection against Federal overreach. It is clear that Attorney General Paxton took his role seriously in this regard, and all Texans should be appreciative of his consistent and diligent attitude of defending the interest of Texas, and Texans, against tyranny from Washington. 

The establishment knows that Ken Paxton has been a tireless advocate for the people of Texas, working to protect our rights, standing up to the Biden administration, and defending our state from federal overreach. Throughout the trial, it became abundantly clear that the charges against him lacked merit and were driven by political motivations rather than proof of wrongdoing.

Also unsurprisingly, we learned that the remnants of the Bush dynasty were involved in the process every step of the way. We learned that Johnny Sutton, a partner with the John Ashcroft Law Firm, who served as the 79th US Attorney General in the GW Bush administration, and who was paid $178K from the Texas General Land Office starting in 2022 under the leadership of George P. Bush, worked countless hours for free on behalf of the prosecution. In fact, the last words uttered by the Paxton’s lead defense attorney Tony Buzbee were, “the Bush regime ends today!”

As Buzbee quoted in his closing statement, “justice limps along, but gets there all the same.” As Texans, we can take pride that, despite the politically motivated attempts to remove a conservative and duly elected Attorney General in the midst of legal battles with the Federal Government on the sovereign right of Texas to secure its own border, that our Texas Senate put a stop to the charade and put our Attorney General back to work.

But, we Texans cannot forget or forgive the impulsive and reckless actions taken by 60 “Republican” members of the Texas House who conspired with 61 Democrats and the vestiges of the “Bush dynasty” to overturn the will of over 4 MILLION Texas voters that overwhelmingly expressed their will to put Paxton back in office less than one year ago.

My opponent, Lynn Stucky, was one those “Republicans” who blindly did the bidding of leadership, and voted to impeach Paxton with NO EVIDENCE. In the hours that followed his vote, his staffers vehemently explained to constituents that “Paxton is a criminal.” 

The bitter truth is that at least 60 of the “Republicans” in the Texas House are not actually functional representatives of their districts. Instead, they answer to their colleagues, the lobbyists, and the cabal of Bush-dynasty globalists who align themselves with the likes of Dade Phelan and Karl Rove. Last cycle, my opponent took over $100K in campaign donations from Phelan directly, and $27K from Associated Republicans of Texas (ART), a PAC which is well-known to be controlled by Phelan and Rove. Board members of ART donated a half-million dollars to democrats in recent years, including to Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

Our previous representative (now Senator) Phil King voted to acquit Paxton. Our current Senator Tan Parker voted to acquit Paxton. But despite the pleas from conservative voices across the county, including President Donald Trump, US Rep. Ronny Jackson, and Senator Ted Cruz, our Representative voted with his colleagues rather than on behalf of his district.

Wise County is well-known as one of the “reddest” counties in Texas, which votes approximately 86% Republican. Last cycle, Lynn Stucky lost every single voting precinct in Wise, and only garnered 35% in the county overall. After voting for the largest spending increase (42%) in Texas history, the largest corporate welfare bill in Texas history ($18B), and refusing to stand against the practice of putting Democrats in charge of committees in the Texas House, conservatives across the district are done with Lynn Stucky’s peculiar brand of “conservative” leadership.

I encourage you to join me in celebrating this victory for justice and the rule of law. Ken Paxton can now continue his crucial work as our Attorney General, defending Texas and its citizens with the same unwavering commitment that has defined his career.

Thank you for standing with us in support of justice and truth.