February 19, 2024

Why I Changed My Mind…

As we approach Early Voting tomorrow, I wanted to share that I recently received an email from C.E. (Chuck) Newcomer, a Texas conservative from House District 64 who has worked on Rep. Stucky’s campaign in the past. In his email, Mr. Newcomer expressed his disappointment and concern that our current representative is no longer aligned with the Republican Party of Texas’ priorities.

As a result of this revelation, Mr. Newcomer has decided to rescind his support for Dr. Stucky. This decision was not taken lightly, and it highlights the importance of our mission to bring true conservative values back to Wise and Denton Counties.

—— Forwarded message ——
From: C.E. Newcomer
Date: Sun, Feb 18, 2024
Subject: Why I no longer support Dr. Lynn Stucky for Texas HD64
To: Andy Hopper <andy@hopper4texas.com>


After years of working for State Representative Dr. Lynn Stucky, I am sorry to report he has lost my support because he no longer represents my conservative values. To say I am disappointed in Dr. Stucky is an understatement, as I have assisted him through multiple campaigns.

I first met Dr. Stucky in 2018 when he was seeking help on his campaign to counter character attacks from his opponent. He wanted help formulating a plan to communicate to his constituents that his accomplishments reflected their values. Having much lobbying and government interface experience under my belt, I agreed to help map out that plan.

Over the course of Dr. Stucky’s next 2 campaigns, I organized events, worked at voting locations, distributed campaign signs, provided advice on issues such as school choice and the need for his strong support of the Republican Legislative Priorities. I planned speaking engagements around the district, including Robson Ranch, and even organized the residents to lobby the Texas House to redraw the district boundaries to include Robson Ranch in House District 64.  In short, my support for Dr. Stucky was unambiguous for the next 4 years.

Unfortunately, by 2021, it became increasingly clear to me that Dr. Stucky was no longer supporting the priorities of Republicans. In the 87th Session, he signaled tepid support of school choice by voting against allowing homeschooled children the opportunity to participate in university interscholastic league competitions. (HB547).  

In the current session, a school choice bill that was initially drafted for Dr. Stucky to file was never filed, and instead, he looks to protect the public school teacher’s union which does not favor school choice. Ultimately nothing has been achieved on this key priority.

Another key priority for Republicans in District 64 was for the will and agenda of the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature to be expressed consistently and forcefully. An essential component of this priority is to have Republicans lead the legislative agenda which can only be achieved by appointing Republicans to all the committee chairmanships. Dr. Stucky failed to support this priority and Democrat chairs were appointed.

In the 2022 Primary Election, this issue was reemphasized when over 80% of Republican voters in his district supported the elimination of Democrat chairmanships. Dr. Stucky did not stand up for this key priority, and we again have Democrat chairs in key committees that control the legislative agenda.

As demonstrated by his actions and ineffective legislative results, Dr. Stucky simply no longer represents the Republican values of his district. I am saddened by this and have shared these and other concerns personally with Dr. Stucky, to no avail. Therefore I, unfortunately, have to rescind my support for Dr. Stucky and endorse Andy Hopper.

C. E. (Chuck) Newcomer