November 10, 2023

Wise County Censures Lynn Stucky

Last night,  the Wise County Republican Party Executive Committee voted 94% to invoke “Rule 44” and formally censure our State Representative Lynn Stucky for failing to uphold the principles and legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.

So far this primary cycle, only two other Representatives have been censured by counties within their own district: Dade Phelan (HD21), and Andrew Murr (HD53)—both known RINOs.

The Wise County Republican Party Executive Committee is made up of Precinct Chairs who are elected in the Republican Primary by each voting precinct in the county.

Rule 44 allows the Republican Party of each county in Texas to hold its elected officials accountable to the party platform. Censures that are passed at the county level are then elevated to be considered by the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) which is made up of one committeewoman and one committeeman from each state Senate District. Last March, the SREC voted to censure Congressman Tony Gonzales.

The Wise Executive Committee condemned the following actions taken by Stucky:

  • Voted with the Democrats in favor of electing Representative Dade Phelan as Speaker of the House, knowing that Phelan would appoint Democrats as Committee Chairmen.
    • Voted for House Rules that continued the practice of allowing the minority party to be in charge of committees.
    • Refused to sign a form to overrule the Speaker when he killed an amendment to the Rules that would have prohibited putting Democrats in leadership.
  • Voted for HB4639 which restricted the rights of law-abiding 18-20 year-olds from transporting firearms in motor vehicles.
  • Voted for HB1635 which would have forced the Republican Party to allow Democrats to run in Republican Primaries.
  • Voted to renew the largest corporate welfare program in state history, in direct contradiction to the Republican Party Platform.
  • Voted to waste taxpayer money on the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with insufficient evidence.

The Wise County Republican Party made it clear that Lynn Stucky does not represent the conservative ideals of Republicans in Wise County. This censure reaffirms the voice of the electorate: in 2022, Lynn Stucky lost every single voting precinct in Wise County, and lost the entire county by 64%. According to the Texas Secretary of State, 9,235 Republicans voted in Wise County and, amazingly, the exact same number, 9,235 voted in Denton.

The race came down to 88 votes on election night.

Your may have received an email yesterday from my opponent anticipating this censure. Our representative consistently refuses to acknowledge that 1) his voting record is public record and that 2) Republican voters can read. Instead, he chooses to resort to attacks on my character and even lies to you about publicly available campaign finance information.*

Wise County made it clear that its honeymoon with Representative Lynn Stucky is over. On March 5, you will have the opportunity to make the divorce official.

May God Bless Texas, and House District 64

* Our campaign overpaid the Republican Party of Texas for a recount in Denton County, and they issued a refund. In his email, Stucky made the claim that I “took a loan” from the RPT which is patently false.