Recently, your Representative Lynn Stucky used his campaign funds to send the following mailer to you:

What you may not remember is that two years ago, you received this mailer from Associated Republicans of Texas, an organization run by Karl Rove and Dade Phelan.

Now, your Representative wouldn’t lie to you, would he? Well, let’s take each item one at at a time and search out the truth of the matter.

Ban the US Dollar in Texas?

I signed the Texas First Pledge, which affirms Plank #225 of the Republican Party of Texas platform. Many other reputable candidates and office holders have signed this pledge, including:

  • LTC Allen West, Combat Veteran and Former Chair of the Republican Party of Texas
  • Dana Myers, Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas
  • Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
  • Representative Steve Toth
  • Fmr. Representative Kyle Biedermann
  • Fmr. Representative James White
  • Don Huffines

Here’s plank #225:

It does not surprise me at all that Lynn Stucky is at odds with the patriots above who support our Republican Platform. In fact, it has been a central theme of my campaign that Lynn Stucky is not an actual Republican, and I think that this is well substantiated by the truth that Lynn Stucky has intentionally removed “Republican” from all of his campaign signs in Denton County (but curiously includes it in Wise County and at Robson Ranch), and was censured by the Wise County Republican Party.

But let’s get back to the claim that I want to ban the dollar. Neither the pledge nor the organization that created the pledge (Texas Nationalist Movement) advocates this. Quite the contrary, the TNM is very clear that even if Texas ever decided to “go it alone,” that we would likely stay on the dollar.

So where is this claim coming from? Lynn Stucky’s blatant ignorance and willingness to put anything on paper.

Sever Ties Between Texas and America

See answer above. Exact same claim.

Invade Mexico With the Texas National Guard

This is the Tweet that offends Lynn Stucky’s sensibilities:

Does this offend your sensibilities? I suspect not. But let me go one step further and give you my perspective on the border so that you’re completely clear on where I stand. In an article I wrote on July 29, I wrote:

As our campaign has stated many times in the past, in the quest to secure the border of Texas, no tactic, no rules of engagement, no criminal penalty, should be taken off of the table. We are in a fight for the very survival of our home and our way of life. As we know, the goal of the current regime in Washington, D.C. is to flood our state with would-be Democrats, eventually give them the right to vote via a Federal takeover of state elections, and destroy the America that our founding fathers fought to establish.

Andy Hopper, July 29, 2024

Here are two other articles that I’ve written on the border, which I encourage you to read:

Let me very clear. Mexico is basically run by the cartels: its government is impossibly corrupt and nothing but a thin veil over powerful narco-terrorists. Every tactic, every criminal penalty, every action taken by Texas to secure its border is justified, up to and including placing the Texas Guard on the other side of the Rio Grande. This is not an “invasion” of Mexico–our border is in the middle of the River. On the contrary, Mexico and Latin America are invading the United States. Why does Dr. Stucky care more about Mexican sovereignty than our own?

Legalize Alcohol for High School Students

This one actually makes me laugh. Here’s what my platform states and what it has stated since I created it in 2020:

Lower the age to consume alcohol to 18. If a man can be drafted to fight and die for his country, he should be able to drink a beer.

Hopper4Texas Platform

Apparently, Lynn Stucky is comfortable reframing this to my wanting High Schoolers to drink. Do you feel that this is disingenuous? I do too.

Cut School Funding to Balance the Budget

This one is a complete lie. At no time did I suggest this–I did suggest that we should eliminate property taxes which is a policy that I continue to advocate.

But luckily, you don’t have to take my word for it. There is actually a full recording of the event that he cites, and you can watch it here. In fact, I encourage you to watch it, as you’ll see that I’ve been saying the same thing for 4 years.


Hopefully your takeaway from this is the same as mine: Lynn Stucky is not a serious person and has no issue lying to his constituents. This is not new–we documented his willingness to manufacture talking points months ago. Hopefully this has been an educational experience for the district.

Once you know, you know.